The Jenner Centre – DD9 Connections Issue No. 14


We’re moving on slowly with plans for a move from the premises at 24 St David’s Street. Nothing has been finalised but we’re seriously considering 13 Swan Street which some of you will remember as The Brechiner Office (after they’d moved from the small shop across the street – more questions about who used to be there). It also was home to JC Robertson, Gents outfitters.

It is a Common Good property and as such it’s important that it is used for the benefit of the local community. We have submitted our interest detailing what the relocated Jenner Centre would continue to bring to the town as well as increasing footfall to the area by adding to the services we offer. By the next issue of DD9 Connections we hope to have more information for you.

And don’t worry, if we move before your next toe nail appointment, we will most definitely let you know where to find us!

Continuing with the theme of shops and businesses of days gone by, someone (many thanks to whoever this was) handed in a publication – probably from 1940 – which looks like a compilation of the previous year’s Brechiners. All the local telephone numbers; births, marriages and deaths; the numerous Co-op shops; adverts for long gone businesses – Kay’s Garage, now Farmfoods – but also for those not too much changed – Jim Adam’s quality grocer now the Gourmet Grocer at 29. Brechin was a really busy, thriving place to live. It also lists the Brechin men who had already been killed in the early months of the Second World War.

We spent an interesting time looking through it while someone was waiting her turn for toe nail cutting, remembering what we could and helping each other to fill the gaps. We have a good blether with folk who come in to the Jenner Centre and we learn more about the wider area. Just this past week we learned about the mine sweepers sailing up and down the coast from Montrose to Dundee during the war.

In the last Issue I asked about the posh china shop at No 24 and Mabel Smith kindly supplied some well-remembered background about it. (See below). How times have changed with wedding present gifts – traditionally the tea set from the bridesmaid. I wonder how many of us still have the rarely used, kept for best, china. I know I have my own, my mother’s and my grandmother’s.

Please keep your memories and interesting tales coming. There used to be a wee coffee shop, where Park’s garage is now, called the Chit Chat. The Jenner Centre seems to be filling that role!

Moira Robertson

Trustee, BHG