Brechin Healthcare Group AGM minutes 28/10/2020 on Zoom


Grahame Lockhart
Hamish Greig
Alison Cameron
Lindsay Cameron
Moira Robertson
Dick Robertson
Gary Robertson
Joyce Galt
John McKenna
Frances Keats
Irene Thompson
Nilima Puthu
Irene Gillies
Helen Christie
Margaret Jones
Geoffrey Rose
Anne Thompson
Jean Clark
Veronica Page
Keith Fraser
Jane Cuthill

Gail Greig
Stanley Callaghan
Ruth Bergen
Elizabeth Baillie
Margaret Jamieson
Callum Mclennan
Shirley Crozier

• Welcome by Chairman Grahame Lockhart
• Zoom etiquette explained by Secretary Nilima Puthu
• Report about what has been achieved since last AGM by Chairman Grahame Lockhart
• Financial Report given by Treasurer Dick Robertson. A question as to the repayment of the 2 interest free
loans was asked. It was agreed to discuss this at the next Trustees meeting.
• Anne Thomson from Food Life (FL) told all about the work FL is doing with the cooperation of the Brechin
High School. FL is all about food supply with relation to climate change, COVID, BREXIT, financial problems
of present times. FL with Lillian Black of High School has developed community supported agriculture on a
10 acres farm Wandershiell is 2 miles from Brechin giving a future in a localised economy in the town.
• Moira Robertson gave an update on the Jenner Centre, what groups are presently using the centre and who has
shown interest in using it in the future.
• John McKenna commended Douglas Westwater from Community Enterprise for designing a good Business Plan.

Q & A

• Q: Veronica Page asked what the plans were if NHS Tayside comes back with a NO after their consultation.
A: We go to the Scot Govt as we have 6 months till June next year before we can apply for Scottish Land
Fund again.
• Q: Irene Thompson: Has the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership passed on all the information to the
Higher ups?
A: Not sure if there was any link as AHSCP is an autonomous body.
• Q: Geoffrey Rose: What will happen to the Brechin Infirmary building as the longer you wait, the more
quicker is the deterioration.
A: We have the assurance that Forster roofing will help to repair the roof. We have had repeated
discussions with the board about the condition of the building but they are very reluctant to talk about

Election of Trustees

• Gail Greig standing down as a Trustee. A special thank you for all the help and support given by Gail
right from the offset. We wish her all the best.
• Stanley Callaghan will be changing from being a Trustee to a Co-Trustee.
• Joyce Galt and Gary Robertson have put their name forward as Trustees
• All Trustee nominations unanimously. elected


Dick Robertson asked the community if there are any skills which can be useful to the BHG to come forward. Also any ideas for fundraising.

Vote of Thanks: Given by Chairman Grahame Lockhart.