Meet your Trustee, Dr T S Callaghan MD MSc(HRM) FRCPE


I am an Ulsterman, born in Limavady, a small town then about the size of Brechin:  I studied at the local school and then Medicine at The Queens University of Belfast, graduating with Honours. Incidentally and crucially I met my rather wonderful future wife, Irene, there:  she threw me out of Casualty on the night we met (she was Scottish, trained in Nursing, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary). Subsequently I trained mainly in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, during the terrible Troubles, specialising in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, passing MRCP and later writing MD thesis, by research. Appointed to Stracathro in 1982, I moved to Brechin in 1983 and still live in the same home (sadly Irene died, cancer, three years ago).

I loved Stracathro- superb atmosphere, great nursing and medical staff:  during the first couple of years I covered Geriatric Medicine when Cyril Cohen was seconded to Scottish Advisory service, which gave me a county-wide experience and visited all of the hospital sites then active.  I developed a pretty darn good cardiology service locally with excellent relationships with Dundee and Aberdeen, even on occasion flying patients to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary – fun.
Appointed Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, I examined the MRCP for years.   Also Fellow, Royal Scoiety of Medicine, and various professional organisations.  During this period I also trained in Human Resource Management, a Masters degree, Abertay University, Dundee.
When Stracathro changed its role I continued to be based there but was appointed to the Department of Cardiology in Ninewells (and the Coronary Care Nurses, transferred to CCU in Ninewells, and developed a stellar reputation).  I worked there with superb medical, nursing and technical staff so have a good insight into the workings of the NHS across Tayside.
I took early retirement some years ago, it gave my wife and myself 5 wonderful years before her terminal illness.  I support the aims of the Brechin Healthcare group.  I am on record as expressing concerns over NHS excessive centralisation, and believe in fair and appropriate care for everyone.

Dr T S Callaghan MD MSc(HRM) FRCPE