Little Brechin Telephone Kiosk


Since the BHG bought the telephone box – for £1 – at Little Brechin, a lot of work has been done by the villagers to make it a fitting home for a defibrillator. It has been repaired and painted, and planters placed to make an attractive addition to the village. There has been a real community spirit in this project and villagers have been exceptionally generous in both time and donations. The grant application has gone in to the British Heart Foundation to allow the purchase of the defibrillator for £600, but there is a backlog of applications so we will just have to be patient. The defibrillator comes with a training DVD but we would plan to supplement this with CPR training from HeartStart. This will allow people to learn about the recovery position, to practice CPR on manikins, how to cope with someone who is choking, and to ask any questions they may have. The HeartStart session planned for November had to be cancelled but we will arrange another one next year.  – Moira Robertson