The Jenner Centre – DD9 Connections Issue No. 10


The Jenner Centre now has a new volunteer who is cutting toenails. She has completed her
training and is now offering appointments for Friday mornings while Joyce continues her Monday
sessions. The contact number is as before – 07517 833956.

We have held a second session at Airlie Gardens exploring the recent history of Brechin using the
wee books of photographs produced by David Adams in the 1980s. These stimulated a great deal
of discussion not only amongst the residents but the four of us from BHG who joined in. There
were photos of families recorded by Ted Drahony, (some recognised themselves as children!)
and many long gone, but fondly remembered, landmarks.

We are now working with a young volunteer to explore further Brechin’s history and he has found
many resources to help us and the residents begin to create a Brechin Archive.