The Jenner Centre – DD9 Connections Issue No. 7


The usual services continue to be available at the Jenner Centre; Footcare on Mondays and Hearing Aid Services on Tuesday and Friday mornings; and of course we’re still there to answer  questions and help folk find information and support. We are moving slowly but steadily towards plans to support those affected by dementia. A Meeting Centre along the lines of Kirrie Connections and those in Forfar, Montrose and Arbroath is the long-term plan. However in the meantime we are taking small steps. We’ll also be meeting with Alzheimer Scotland who already hold sessions at Glebe Park to ensure that we are working together and not in competition with existing provision.

We were invited to Airlie Gardens in February, and Hamish Greig and I had a successful first session with around 20 of the residents, explaining our plans and the importance of supporting people affected by dementia. Some photos of Brechin in days gone by encouraged memories and discussion. They seemed to enjoy the session and were keen to hold more.

How many of us have said “ I wish I’d listened to the stories granny used to tell”. By looking at these old photos and sharing memories we hope to create an archive of Brechin’s past. Maybe someone will take photos around the town to compare with the old ones. We will be returning to Airlie Gardens to develop this further and also find out whether we can do something similar at Southport and Newington Gardens.

Dementia Friendly Community.
There are many ways in which we can support those affected by dementia, working with Alzheimer Scotland and working towards a dementia friendly community.

“It’s vital that people living with dementia feel recognised, valued and supported within their local community. By learning just a little bit more about dementia, and making some simple but practical changes you can make a big difference.

A dementia friendly community is made up of anyone who wants to come together to make their local community more welcoming for people living with dementia. Everyone from shop assistants, public service workers, faith groups, businesses, police, fire and ambulance staff, to bus drivers, school pupils, local clubs and societies, and community leaders.”

Alzheimer Scotland.

We have contacted a number of organisations and individuals to help us achieve this and will continue to work towards this goal.

Moira Robertson
Trustee, BHG